In every act, there exists a point

           of immersion.

           A quiet mindfulness of simultaneity

           between exhilaration, difficulty, flow, fear, and clarity,

           signaling arrival; and opening


           It is an especially dynamic cerebral and physical place.


In 2011, I organized a self-guided descent of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River with a group of friends. Familiar only with kayaking, the opportunity to oar a 16’ gear raft for the first and entire time had great appeal. Enveloped by the dynamics of the group, the intensity of the hot canyon landscape, my thoughts, and some of the largest rapids I had ever seen, it was an especially poignant experience. I took many photographs. “Dynamism of an oarsman at the point of immersion” began in an effort to transfer and resolve layers of projected imagery from this distinct canyon environment. Over a span of nearly three years, it coalesced –


           a fluid solution of landscape, emotion, environment, and cognition.


The title makes special reference to the exuberant futurist works of Umberto Boccioni, Giacomo Balla, and others who so clearly communicated the experience of speed and movement in the layered marks of their paintings.



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