Open Lineation. 2013

Site Specific Installation at Rooster Gallery Contemporary Art

New York, NY*

Over the past three years, I have been testing and applying a hypothesis that the relationship between sculpture and painting may be best understood through drawing. The resulting works feel rooted, not by a foundation of preparatory drawings, but in the conscious decision to let them exist as the drawing. By nurturing the directness, immediacy, and openness to experimentation found in the experience of making marks, I have come to discover drawing more as a mindset than a medium. These inquiries transcend the physicality of each material in service of something larger: this is the calling of "Open Lineation."


* highlighter pencil, fly line, glass, coffee grounds, vinyl, tea, aluminum, graphite, galvanized wire, fabric dye, walnut ink, fabric, pine, wax, acrylic ink, stove polish, gouache, stone, tape, screen printing ink, steel, India ink, floral wire, Lenox 100 paper, coffee, thread, brads, oil pastel, basswood, paint marker, fiberglass, walnut, matboard, stainless steel wire, found objects, cut paper, balsa wood, music wire, wax pastel, plastic, concrete, derailleur cable and housing, liquid cement color, crochet thread, nylon, acrylic rod, VT white marble, insulated wire, ink, foam, mason line, acrylic paint, yarn, rubber, fly dubbing, elastic. 17 x 26 x 9 feet


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