Responding.  2012

steel, concrete, Vermont white marble, ink, wire, masons line, wood, canvas, wax, fly line, stove polish,

nylon webbing, acetylene soot, steel pop rivets, paint, found object, steel cotter pins, yarn, rebar, graphite

7.5 x 13 x 13 feet. Barrows Rotunda. Hopkins Center for the Arts. Hanover, NH

I was given the opportunity to design a site-specific installation in the Barrows Rotunda of the Hopkins Center for the Arts in Hanover, NH. The project began with an impulse to take a large two-dimensional work, “Scarpa, Meet Kahn. 2011” and translate (into three-dimensions) a liberating visual language born in the experience of drawing. The way that I had responded so openly to and amongst the marks on such a large surface was the same way that I wanted to begin responding with materials in physical space. Working on the premise of a layered aggregation of sculptural elements, what emerged became less a sculpture and more a three dimensional drawing bounded in space.


The piece emerged slowly and unforeseeably over a period of four months. In its final form, the interconnections and compositions of elements re-render as the piece is seen from each viewpoint of its unique surrounding container. There are eleven major freestanding elements, a delicate and architecturally inspired marble floor surface restrained by steel structures, and over a dozen major parts that do not touch ground. The entire assemblage is intricately connected through a variety of additional materials and surface treatments. I have included a great deal of images in an attempt to convey the variation of this space and its conceptual relationship to drawing.

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